If there is one word that comes to mind about the Caps, who will play a deciding seventh playoff game against the Rangers Saturday, it is “stubborn.”

Every time they seem to be on the brink of elimination, they fight their way back. They just won’t give up. They continue to find ways to stay alive. That quality has brought them to game seven in Madison Square Garden.

The number one seed will have to be slain in its own arena if the Caps are to advance to the Eastern Conference finals.

Logic indicates it’s been a good run but probably not realistic to think the Rangers will lose a game seven to a seventh seed. On the other hand, it doesn’t appear that this group of guys subscribes to that type of logic.

Hats off to this gritty bunch. They bounced back after a heartbreaking loss in the last seconds of game five. Losing that way could have weakened their spirits, but it didn’t. As a matter of fact, it woke them up and we saw a group of guys laying it on the line out there on the ice Wednesday night.

Questions were asked how they would respond, about star Alex Ovechkin’s lack of dominance in the playoffs and whether he would be able to find his way. For at least one game, Ovie and the Capitals responded emphatically.

I can remember playing on teams with guys with no quit in them, even when we were the only ones left believing. It always made victories that much sweeter. I’m sure that Caps victory last night was sweet indeed.

Now it would appear the pressure has shifted back to the Rangers, who have also fought the good fight in this series. The team that imposes its physical and mental will on the other will win Game 7.

Whether it’s by a single, last second goal or a blowout, the winning team will be made up of men who believed and proved they wanted it more. I have a hard time believing that these stubborn Caps will return home without a victory.

Regardless of the outcome, as a fan I’m really proud of the Caps. They were written off long ago and they kept fighting. We all could stand to learn a lesson from this team.

Good luck, Caps! One game, one goal, go out there and fight to win.