After their horrendous display in Toronto Sunday, the Redskins have two ways to go:Up or down. This team is clearly spiraling out of control and the only way to regain control is by actively doing something about it.

They have been ambushed by injuries and a quarterback change and have done a very poor job responding. How does the old saying go? “When the going gets tough, the tough get going.” Well the Redskins have not responded positively at all to their adversity.

It all comes down to this: the Redskins have to decide--either they will or they won’t.

I saw a team collectively tap out of a game Sunday, in all aspects. They played as if they expected the results to be what they were.

Growing up playing the game, my coaches called that loser football. We always made sure we scheduled our homecomings against loser football teams because we knew we’d give the crowd a show.

Wake up guys. The Bills hadn’t won in Toronto in forever and it was important for them to have a good showing there, to give the crowd what it wanted.

This team is in a familiar danger zone of years past. If the loser mentality is accepted by this team, then expect tents to be folded up and packed away. The season will get uglier by the game and we will witness the implosion of yet another Redskins team.

I blame a major part of this on the coaches and will expand on that in my next post. But for now my thoughts are that this team is going into that good night and not even putting up a fight. Some way, somehow they’ve got to fight their way back to the light or forever night it will be this season.