The Washington Redskins left an important game on the table against the Rams. This was a game to show a different team from years past. The game against the Saints marked a win they weren’t suppose to get. Getting a win against the Rams would have been just as important: beating a team they were suppose to beat. We all know the Redskins have made a habit of playing to the level of their competition, up and down. So a win against the Rams would have shown that this team has moved forward, at least in that regard.


The offense played well and clearly missed Pierre Garçon, RGIII is a stud, he had another great showing. The offense put points up again. The running game was more impressive than last week. There was enough offense to win that game ... which leads me to the reasons why the Redskins lost.

Mistakes played a major part in the game, and there were two major ones in particular that were especially costly.

For the second week straight the punt team allowed a block, and in my opinion it was that play that may have changed the tide of the game. The other being Josh Morgan losing his cool and getting a personal foul penalty that knocked them out of field goal range. However I think there were other things that jumped out at me that led to the loss.

I said the defense needed to be better, and after forcing a fumble that was scooped up and run in for a score on the first play it looked like that’s what they did.

It didn’t last. Things started going awry. Orakpo got a sack but he went out of the game with an injury. There was only one other sack by Tim Bowen. There just was not enough pressure on Bradford, he had too much time to find his receivers. His confidence grew steadily during the game, he was waiting to get hit, but it didn’t happen and he made the Redskins pay for it. The secondary was victimized by Danny Amendola. I know his name now. The ground game complimented their passing game very well.

It was a very balanced game plan for the Rams. They seemed to have an answer on offense all game. The Rams did enough on defense to give Bradford and that offense enough chances.

All things considered, the Redskins definitely left this one on the table. It will be critical for the defense to tighten up as quickly as possible as the teams they will be facing have stronger offenses.

Again not the end of the world. In fact it may be good that the team gets an early reality check in week two, this loss may slow down the media blitz on RGIII and just allow the team to play. I believe the Redskins lost this rather than the Rams winning it.

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