In a contest that I predicted would be a lopsided New England victory over the Redskins, I was pleasantly surprised to watch a very good game.

As a matter of fact, I believe if the Redskins were just playing New England, and not the referees, they might have won.

I know people aren’t interested in moral victories. But I have to admit the team looked okay, much better over the last few weeks. It’s almost convincing me that “consistency” is a word I can start to use when referring to their performances.

Kyle Shanahan seems to be finding a comfort zone and a rhythm, finally, calling the offensive plays.

Of course there are the negatives: Missed tackles, poor coverage, too many penalties and not enough production out of some of the guys the team needs big plays from.

But with that said, there are guys like Roy Helu that have stepped up to the challenge of making their team better. A makeshift offensive front has created running lanes for Helu and, for the most part, has done a commendable job of keeping defenders off Rex Grossmen.

I’m not saying I see a Super Bowl contender out there yet, but at times they have looked better than the Super Bowl contenders they were playing against.

I’m a little nervous writing this, but I think finally real progress is being made with this team. Even though they are coming up short on the scoreboard, I can see strides that ultimately may start changing the outcome of these games.

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