There was such a big stir in the media about what seemed to be Dwyane Wade and LeBron James faking coughs as if to imply that Dirk Nowitzki was faking his illness during the NBA Finals.

People could not be more wrong in their assessments of the Miami Heat’s two megastars, and here’s why. The clip of the two walking and coughing was replayed for days seemingly non-stop, so much so I happened to get it on my DVR.

I watched the clip closely over and over again and saw a body language that was of discomfort. I saw a hidden face of James and an almost bewildered look on Wade’s face.

So after seeing those familiar looks of defeat and disconnect in Sunday night’s game, I came to the conclusion that those coughs weren’t for Nowitzki, but rather for the Heat fans — to let them know that a choking was taking place and they would be a major part of it.

So Nowitzki was right that Wade and James did act childishly and immaturely, but he was wrong to say they were ignorant because they were actually in the know, sounding the horn as to what was taking place in the NBA Finals. A massive choking is what they were doing.

I will remember three things about this year’s NBA Finals. The first is that Nowitzki and the Mavericks were finally able to win a title.

Secondly I will remember that the two supposed leaders of the most talented basketball team coughed and snickered trying to make light of a very serious situation that they weren’t able to figure a way out of.

Lastly, I will remember that on the biggest stage in basketball, Lebron James declined the Mavericks’ challenge and hoped that someone else would accept.