The Eagles have been in the news all year and it intensified this week. Andy Reid’s job seems to be a hot topic.

It was reported that a players-only meeting took place and that playing better for their coach was part of the discussion. All of these reports remind me of my rookie year in 2000.

We were labeled a dream team as well, an assortment of the best players that money could buy, ranging from young players like Chris Samuels to future hall of famers like Bruce Smith. Our team was loaded-- and I mean loaded. The only problem was there were so many strong and established personalities that we didn’t mesh right away.

When things were sliding away I can recall a few players-only meetings about doing better, behaving like men, saving jobs for team mates and coaches.

Well we didn’t, and the mass exodus began. First players were getting shipped out and, with three games left, they did the same with head coach Norv Turner.

I’m not saying the results will be the same. But I do know when an organization invests the type of money in filling positions with top dollar players like the Redskins did in 2000 and the Eagles are doing in 2011, the team better win.

This weekend’s game already was for high stakes. Now it would seem the stakes have been raised.