Rex Grossman was named the starter for the opening of this season for the Redskins. This by no means puts to rest the quarterback controversy that was such a big story all preseason. What it has done is put a giant bull’s eye target right on Grossman. This decision will call for Grossman to either perform and be praised for it or fail and be ripped apart by media and fans.

With all that being said, I think Mike Shanahan wants to develop John Beck more before throwing him out there, and if Grossman folds under the pressure then I’d assume Beck will be given his chance.

I firmly believe both of these guys are very close in the way that they handled the offense in the preseason. With that being the case, the reason why it’s Grossman is quite elementary my dear Watson.

The experience of Grossman is more valuable going into a matchup with a divisional opponent in the New York Giants.

Rex falls under scrutiny all the time, to be honest with you. I think it’s a product of how Chicago media painted the image of him. I know he threw interceptions at times but he also played his team into a Super Bowl.

He’s not a bad quarterback, he’s just not a franchise quarterback and the only consistency with him is inconsistency. But that doesn’t mean that Rex isn’t capable of leading this team.

Here’s why.

He understands that he just needs to manage the offense. He doesn’t have to come out and try to be something he isn’t — and that will be the biggest key to his success. He is old enough and mature enough to realize what his capabilities are and will stay within himself for the sake of this team.

Even though Beck has been in the NFL for some time now, he still lacks the game experience and experience as a starter that Grossman has. Experience is valuable to have and experience as a starter is even more valuable. Grossman has both.

I knew the handwriting was on the wall when Grossman came out of the locker room with no pads on with the rest of the starters to watch the last pre season game.

I agree with the decision and now it’s time to see if all that happened in the preseason will carry over into the regular season.

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