Ryan Torain had an amazing game last week in St. Louis, but it may be possible that he doesn't start next week against the Eagles.

I don't want to take away from Torain's performance, because he merely took advantage of his first real opportunity to play this year. It just so happens it came against a team that doesn't offer much credibility to his performance.

I can remember some great statistical games. One that comes to mind was a Giants game in the Meadowlands, where we knocked the starter, Kerry Collins, out of the game. Well in came the bachelor, Jesse Palmer, and when I say the flood gates opened, I mean the flood gates opened. It didn't matter who was in there — we were racking up sacks like they were going out of style.

I remember bursting my bursa sac in my knee and told the trainer, "Tape it up, there's no way I'm done for the day," and I went back out and got another sack before the day was over. I believe a few backups came up with the better stats on the day.

The point of the story is on that day against a very weakened team, we took full advantage and had great success, not so much because we were a dominant team but because the other team was that bad after the injury to the starting quarterback.

Tim Hightower did win the starting job in the preseason and even though he has not found the yards the way he did then, he showed an explosive style that was missing — and that includes a backfield that had Torain a year ago.

I'm sure the team will ride the hot hand, but don't be surprised if Hightower is in on the first play of the game against a much better Eagles team.

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