With the NFL close to labor peace, a tentative timeline has been put in place for upcoming season.

Free agency is expected to start soon and teams soon will be permitted to start signing their own free agents, talk with unrestricted free agents, sign undrafted free agentsd talk trades with other teams.

This opens up the question: Who will the Redskins bring back?

(Here’s the list of Redskins free agents.)

I believe the following players will be back: linebacker H.B. Blades, tackle Jammal Brown, cornerback Phillip Buchanan, safety Reed Doughty, quarterback Rex Grossman and defensive end-linebacker Chris Wilson.

The reasons why are quite simple: All of those players except for Brown represent backups who can contribute on special teams or provide depth at their regular position. In Grossman’s case, he may even end up as the starter. Plus, those players will have a very low price tag.

Brown may be different. I believe he still has some solid years left as a starting tackle if he has overcome his injuries, so how the team feels about his health will, in my opinion, dictate whether he is re-signed or not.

I do believe that the Redskins will extend contract offers to the other free agents, but it will be the players’ decision to accept them, and I believe that the best offers will go to wide receiver Santana Moss and defensive lineman Kedric Golston.

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