There were a few bright spots Sunday. Seriously. Ryan Kerrigan is proving to be a special player in this league. Leonard Hankerson was also showing signs that he has all the potential to be a big time player. That’s why the torn labrum that ended his season is such a blow.

The Redskins did seem to find more offense in this game even though the end result didn’t change. I know people may disagree with me, but Rex Grossman clearly showed that he is the better of the two quarterbacks the Redskins have. Since neither of these guys is a starter, in my opinion Grossman should finish out the season. This offense has little direction. From the play caller to the guys on the field, this unit is failing miserably, game after game.

I don’t pretend to have the answer to Washington’s offensive woes, but it’s clear that something needs to change.

On defense, this is a group that shows great potential, but they are lacking against the run and in their secondary. They too have a lot to work on. They aren’t a dominant defense and it shows every game. Sure, the offense could do more to help them. Realistically, without any fear o the offense, chances are slim that the opposing team will try anything risky while it has the ball. Still this defense has the tall order of being more than what it is now.

Kevin Barnes provided the kind of spark I’m talking about. His interception led to points. If the defense can continue to make plays that give the offense great field position, or score themselves, then I believe this team can win at least one to two more games.

If not, well we all know where that goes...