In the volatile world of conference realignment, even one out-of-context comment can get the rumor mill started in full. That seemed to be the case Tuesday night, when a quote from Virginia Tech Athletic Director Jim Weaver regarding the potential for Southeastern Conference expansion began circulating around Twitter.

Many believed Weaver had indicated on Virginia Tech’s weekly radio show, Tech Talk Live, that the Hokies might have changed their stance on being members of the ACC after Maryland left the conference for the Big Ten Monday. That, though, was not the case.

After listening to audio of the show provided by host Bill Roth, it is clear Weaver was answering a question about whether or not the SEC would contact Virginia Tech should the league decide to follow the Big Ten’s lead and expand to the East Coast. Below is his full response:

“Wow, that’s a hard one,” Weaver said. “I really haven’t thought about it because the discussion has just come about, obviously, in the last two or three days. I’m gonna have to defer my answer on that, if I can, because I haven’t given it any thought. There could potentially be some interest [from the SEC], but I don’t know how much, if any.”

Weaver later re-affirmed Virginia Tech’s commitment to the ACC in an interview with the Daily Press, saying “there’s nothing happening in regard to Virginia Tech going anywhere. I don’t know how to say it any clearer than that.”

So it’s safe to hold off on any Virginia Tech to SEC rumors just yet. Enjoy Thanksgiving instead.

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