Much was made about the ramifications of Coach Frank Beamer’s somewhat drastic coaching changes this offseason, both on the field and off it, but now we finally have a sense of just how much this endeavor will ultimately cost Virginia Tech.

This morning, via a Freedom of Information Act request, Virginia Tech’s office of the general counsel released the new salaries for all of the assistant coaches who are on Beamer’s current staff. And by comparing them with those provided by USA Today’s 2010 assistant coaches salary database, Beamer’s staff shake-up will cost the athletic department an additional $408,493 this season.

If we only consider Virginia Tech’s shifting of former running backs coach Billy Hite and recruiting coordinator Jim Cavanaugh’s to newly-created administrative positions — and don’t include the raise quarterbacks coach Mike O’Cain received for taking on play-calling duties this upcoming season — that figure drops a bit to $396,658.

But no matter how you slice it, it’s obvious the athletic department is forking over a sizable chunk of change to support Beamer’s belief that the Hokies needed reinforcements both on the field and on the recruiting trail. Here’s a breakdown of how exactly those two monetary figures came to be, and keep in mind that contracts for Virginia Tech’s coaches usually include a provision for a 5 percent increase in base salary every year:

Bud Foster — 2010 salary: $432,660; 2011 salary: $436,817

Bryan Stinespring — 2010 salary: $317,552; 2011 salary: $324,056

Billy Hite — 2010 salary: $265,500; 2011 salary: $280,044

Jim Cavanaugh — 2010 salary: $238,149; 2011 salary: $245,213

Mike O’Cain — 2010 salary: $222,217; 2011 salary: $234,052

Charley Wiles — 2010 salary: $215,666; 2011 salary: $226,439

Kevin Sherman — 2010 salary: $179,603; 2011 salary: $187,491

Curt Newsome — 2010 salary: $173,634; 2011 salary: $187,525

Shane Beamer — 2010 salary (at South Carolina): $186,650; 2011 salary: $187,525

Cornell Brown — 2010 salary: not available; 2011 salary: $187,525

Torrian Gray — 2010 salary: $151,895; 2011 salary: $158,647

UPDATE THURSDAY 3:20 P.M.: B.J. Norris of Virginia Tech's office of the general counsel sent an e-mail Thursday afternoon informing me that the 2011 salary Virginia Tech reported for secondary coach Torrian Gray on Wednesday was inaccurate. He is actually due to earn a salary of $187,525 during the upcoming season.

Now as you can see from those numbers, Hite received a $14,544 raise by ceding his job on the coaching staff and moving into a senior adviser role. Cavanaugh, meanwhile, saw his pay increase by $7,064 by accepting a job as the director of high school relations. If we add in the combined $375,050 it cost to hire Shane Beamer and Cornell Brown, that’s where the $396,658 figure comes from.

But if we also include the $11,835 raise O’Cain received as a result of calling plays this upcoming season, the number jumps to $408,493.