The NFL’s lockout officially ended Monday, and as teams began conducting business Tuesday, a wave of Virginia Tech football alumni saw their NFL dreams realized.

A Virginia Tech spokesman confirmed that as of Tuesday morning, seven undrafted Hokies players have, or will, sign a contract with an NFL team as free agents.

They include running back Darren Evans (Indianapolis Colts), tight end Andre Smith (Chicago Bears), defensive end Steven Friday and defensive tackle John Graves (Houston Texans), safety Davon Morgan (New York Jets), center Beau Warren (St. Louis Rams) and punter Brian Saunders (Jacksonville Jaguars).

Whether those seven actually make their respective teams out of training camp is up in the air at this point, but considering the (unpaid) waiting game they all had to play since the NFL draft in May, signing a contract must be a relief.

Perhaps the best story belongs to Evans, who told me earlier this offseason he and wife Taneesha are expecting their second child. The Indianapolis native now gets to play for his hometown team.

“Never been more proud to be from Indianapolis than I am right now,” Evans tweeted. “I’ll take the hometown kid title and run wild [because] I’m a Colt.”

UPDATE 1:12 P.M.: Place kicker Chris Hazley was picked up by the Buffalo Bills.