Conference realignment has once again been a hot topic the past few weeks, but Virginia Tech Athletic Director Jim Weaver has done his best to dispel the notion that the Hokies are looking to leave the ACC.

On Wednesday, Weaver reiterated what he said last fall when rumors popped up that Virginia Tech could be invited to join the Southeastern Conference soon, saying the Hokies have no plans to go anywhere right now and have not spoken with any other conference about switching leagues.

“Our current position is we’re very happy where we are in the Atlantic Coast Conference,” Weaver said on the SiriusXM radio show, CFB Playbook. “We’ve wanted to be here in the conference since the conference was started in 1953. We’re right smack in the middle of the footprint of the conference. We like the philosophical approach of academics and athletics that the conference employs. And I don’t believe there’s gonna be any movement at this juncture. We’re pleased where we are.”

These latest rumors started two weeks ago when the Florida State Board of Trustees Chairman Andy Haggard intimated in an interview with, a Web site that covers the Seminoles, the board would be looking into joining the Big 12 because the ACC’s new television deal with ESPN wasn’t good enough.

Haggard has since backed off those comments, but that hasn’t stopped many from viewing Florida State’s departure as inevitable. Some have also speculated that Clemson, or perhaps Miami, would follow the Seminoles, the sort of exodus of traditional football powers that could change Virginia Tech’s point of view on the ACC.

Weaver, though, does not believe the ACC will be poached during this newest round of conference realignment rumblings. He remains comfortable with the league’s viability and stability going forward.

“I feel for the fans, but I really don’t think there’s gonna be movement, at least in regards to the Atlantic Coast Conference,” Weaver said. “I think things got out of hand with the Florida State issue. Once their president put out a statement that they are happy in the ACC and plan to stay, I think that’s speaking on behalf of the Seminoles, what their direction will be.

“Quite honestly, I’ve not heard a word about Clemson being in the mix at all. I know their AD [Terry Don Phillips] very well. We sat next to each other at the ACC meetings last week and not one word was uttered about the Clemson Tigers going anywhere.”