The father of a student at Wilson Memorial High School in Staunton, Va., is suing Virginia Tech Coach Seth Greenberg over brain injuries his son suffered at the coach’s camp two years ago, according to a lawsuit filed in Montgomery County (Va.) Circuit Court last month.

The father is suing Greenberg for $2.5 million in damages after his son hit his head against an uncovered wall diving for a loose ball at War Memorial Coliseum on Virginia Tech’s campus.

The lawsuit was first reported by the Staunton News-Leader.

“Had the distance from endline to wall met either the NCAA or NFHS standards, [the boy] would not have needlessly suffered the serious brain injury and skull fracture,” the family’s attorney, Eric D. Yost, told the paper.

“We were hoping they would settle. They haven’t negotiated with me at all.”

Also named in the suit were the Seth Greenberg Basketball Camp and the Commonwealth of Virginia, citing gross negligence.