Virginia Tech Coach Frank Beamer stood before his team a few days ago as it began final preparationg for the start of spring practice Wednesday evening, and delivered a message I’m sure he’s put forth almost every year during his time in Blacksburg. But it bears repeating now that the real work begins, and a new football season feels like it’s right around the corner.

“Spring is where you get your playing time,” said Beamer about what he told the team. “If you want to run out on the field next fall, you better play good in the spring. That’s kind of how we treat it around here and I’m eager to get going. I think there’s a lot of good competition and a lot of questions to answer, and we’ll come out of it figuring out who’s ready to play and who’s not and maybe where do we need some freshman help and go from there.”

With that in mind, after the jump, take a look at what the depth chart looks like for Virginia Tech heading into the first spring practice. All of this is taken from Virginia Tech’s spring prospectus, which you can take a look at yourself by clicking here.



1. Redshirt sophomore Logan Thomas

2. Redshirt junior Ju Ju Clayton

3. Redshirt freshman Ricardo Young (H.D. Woodson HS)

Others competing: redshirt freshman Mark Leal; redshirt freshman Trey Gersh


1. Junior David Wilson

2. Redshirt senior Josh Oglesby

3. Redshirt sophomore Tony Gregory

Others competing: redshirt sophomore George George; redshirt freshman Daniel Dyer


1. Redshirt junior Joey Phillips

2. Redshirt junior Martin Scales

3. Redshirt freshman Riley Beiro (McLean HS)

Tight End

1. Redshirt senior Chris Drager

2. Redshirt sophomore Eric Martin

3. Redshirt junior Randall Dunn

Others competing: redshirt junior George George; redshirt freshman Jerome Lewis

Split End Wide Receiver

1. Senior Jarrett Boykin

2. Junior D.J. Coles

3. Redshirt freshman E.L. Smiling (Brooke Point HS)

Flanker Wide Receiver

1. Redshirt senior Danny Coale (Episcopal HS)

2. Redshirt junior Marcus Davis

3. Senior Dyrell Roberts (Will only see limited action in spring due to injury)

Left Tackle

1. Redshirt senior Andrew Lanier

2. Redshirt junior Nick Becton

3. Redshirt freshman Mark Shuman

Left Guard

1. Redshirt senior Greg Nosal (out for spring after shoulder surgery)

2. Redshirt sophomore David Wang (Stone Bridge HS)

3. Redshirt junior Courtney Prince


1. Redshirt sophomore Andrew Miller

2. Redshirt junior Michael Via

3. Redshirt junior Bo Gentry

Right Guard

1. Redshirt senior Jaymes Brooks

2. Redshirt freshman Laurence Gibson

3. Freshman Caleb Farris

Right Tackle

1. Redshirt senior Blake DeChristopher

2. Redshirt junior Vinston Painter


Defensive End

1. Redshirt sophomore J.R. Collins

2. Redshirt sophomore James Gayle

3. Redshirt freshman Zack McCray

4. Redshirt freshman Duan Perez-Means

Others competing: redshirt sophomore Tyrel Wilson; redshirt junior Quillie Odom; freshman Justin Taylor

Defensive Tackle

1. Redshirt junior Antoine Hopkins

2. Sophomore Derrick Hopkins

3. Redshirt junior Isaiah Hamlette (Brooke Point HS)

4. Redshirt junior Dwight Tucker

Others competing: redshirt senior Kwamaine Battle; redshirt freshman Nick Acree

Middle Linebacker

1. Redshirt junior Bruce Taylor

2. Redshirt sophomore Jack Tyler (Oakton HS)

3. Redshirt senior Barquell Rivers

4. Redshirt freshman Brian Laiti (Robinson HS)

Backer (or Outside Linebacker)

1. Redshirt sophomore Tariq Edwards

2. Redshirt freshman Chase Williams (Loudoun County HS)

3. Redshirt sophomore Telvion Clark

4. Redshirt freshman Jonathon Hafhide

Whip Linebacker

1. Redshirt junior Jeron Gouveia-Winslow (Stone Bridge HS)

2. Redshirt junior Alonzo Tweedy

3. Redshirt freshman Dominique Patterson

4. Redshirt freshman Nick Dew

5. Redshirt freshman Derek DiNardo

Free Safety

1. Senior Eddie Whitley

2. Redshirt freshman Theron Norman

3. Redshirt freshman Carl Jackson

Rover (or Strong Safety)

1. Redshirt sophomore Antone Exum

2. Redshirt junior Lorenzo Williams

3. Redshirt junior Wiley Brown (Thomas Stone HS)


1. Junior Jayron Hosley

2. Sophomore Kyle Fuller

3. Redshier senior Cris Hill

Others competing: Freshman Adeboye Adomire (H.D. Woodson HS); redshirt freshman Detrick Bonner; senior Germond Oatneal