There are certainly tougher places to play in the country than Greenville, N.C., but for Virginia Tech quarterback Logan Thomas, Saturday’s game at East Carolina will be an entirely new experience.

When asked Tuesday about the most difficult visiting crowds he’s had to deal with, the redshirt sophomore mentioned his senior year at Brookville High when the Bees traveled to Salem High and ended the Spartans’ 35-game regular season winning streak.

Keep in mind Salem Football Stadium holds a little more than 7,000 people. Dowdy-Ficklen Stadium, on the other hand, will likely have about 50,000 screaming purple-and-gold clad fans Saturday. But if Thomas wasn’t too anxious for his first-ever start, surely he’s not overly concerned about starting on the road, right?

“I’m just gonna prepare the same way,” Thomas said. “I know it’s gonna be a little louder but I’m a screamer anyways. They’ll be able to get the calls and when it comes down to it, it’s football.”

For the record, Brookville won that game over Salem, 14-0, and Thomas admits he enjoyed the fact that the opposing fans “knew my name” and “said whatever they wanted. A lot of it’s funny, but they’re extremely loud, especially for high school.”

Thomas was also able to embrace the moment in last Saturday’s season-opening win over Appalachian State, and though his completion percentage was less than 50 percent and he threw for just 149 yards, the coaching staff was more pleased than Thomas was about his initial performance.

Thomas said he graded out at 91 percent after the coaches watched the Appalachian State game film. Offensive coordinator Bryan Stinespring said his only critique was that his new quarterback seemed to be guiding passes early, trying too hard to make a perfect throw.

As for how Thomas will handle his first experience in a road environment, Stinespring believes the matter-of-fact way in which Thomas went about the season opener is simply a template for how he’ll deal with the challenges ahead.

“I was probably more nervous for Logan than anybody in regards to the [Appalachian State] game,” Stinespring said. “I was really nervous for him because with all the attention that’s been given to him going into the game, it’s hard to pass anybody’s passing grades. What was he gonna be able to go out there and do to warrant the preseason billing for a guy that’s never started a game in college and only had so many throws and so many snaps?

“I just thought the build-up was a lot of pressure, but then I realized … Logan is part Vulcan. There are certain emotions that he doesn’t have. I forgot about that. The pressure, the anxiety, the stress, I guess that’s reserved for me. He doesn’t feel it.”