When Virginia Tech running backs coach Shane Beamer met with junior David Wilson Monday, he laid out the reasons why he thinks the ACC’s player of the year should return to Blacksburg for another season.

But Beamer said Friday he isn’t sure what the Hokies’ star tailback will decide in the coming weeks.

“He’s certainly a guy that another year in college would be great for him, just to mature more on and off the field,” Beamer said. “But at the same time, if he came out there’s no question he’d be a high draft pick and have a long career in the NFL.

“I told him, he loves college, he’s happy, he really enjoys his teammates and we’ve got a chance to have a special year. He can be a big add to that. It’s kind of what he wants to do, but I told him the other day I’d support him whatever he decides to do and be here if he needs me.”

Wilson has until Jan. 15 to enter his name into the 2012 NFL draft. The tailback recently filed paperwork with the NFL draft advisory board to figure out where he might be selected, but Beamer said he didn’t have a gut feeling on what Wilson will do.

The Danville, Va., native rushed for 1,627 yards this season, but his final performance of the year left a bitter taste in his mouth. In the ACC championship game, hehad a season-low 11 carries for 32 yards and complained after the game about the team’s play calling. Wilson felt the Hokies went away from the running game too soon.

Beamer said he and Wilson spoke about those comments this week and watched the game film together. They later spent time at the Dudley Awards in Richmond on Wednesday night, where Wilson was named the state of Virginia’s top college football player.

“I understand he was frustrated,” Beamer said. “Everybody wants the ball, but he got hurt in the game. He twisted his ankle. He came out of the game. He said he couldn’t return kickoffs anymore. He and [senior] Josh [Oglesby] have a rotation so Josh was kind of up in his rotation. It also so happened that David was trying to get his ankle back to where he could go in and play. So everybody was frustrated that night. None of us were happy with the way we played.

“He and I, we’re great. He’s great. He’s excited about the bowl game,” Beamer later added.

This has been a hectic week for assistant coaches like Beamer, who have been on the road recruiting since Virginia Tech’s ACC championship loss. The Hokies will welcome a bevy of top prospects to campus this weekend before some coaches head back onto the road next week.

“I haven’t looked at a single snap of Michigan yet just because you’re so busy,” Beamer said. “Probably the hardest thing, and it’s a good thing, is playing in the ACC championship game. We lost a week of recruiting. Last week every coach in the country was on the road recruiting except for the ones playing in championship games. So we lost a week of recruiting, so it’s really trying to get three weeks of visits into two weeks.”