Gettysburg, Pa. on Nov. 19, 1863, people head towards the spot President Abraham Lincoln is to speak. (Brady-Handy Collection/Library of Congress)

All you ever wanted to know about President Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address is now in one easy to access place. The Civil War Trust has just unveiled its Web site about the Address, less than a week before the 150th anniversary of the actual event on Nov. 19, 1863 in Gettysburg, Pa.

On the site entitled “Behind the Scenes: Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address,” the Trust has brought together not just the facts of the event but some interesting tidbits of history as well. One of those is explaining where the president actually gave his famous address. It was not in the cemetery he was dedicating because of the many fresh burials, but from a platform placed in an adjacent local cemetery.

Gettysburg historian Tim Smith takes viewers on a video exploration of Gettysburg as it appeared on the day of the dedication, making use of more 60 photographs related to the Address.

“Our Gettysburg Address website is intended to emphasize the resonance and closeness of history,” Trust president James Lighthizer is quoted as saying in a Trust press release. “If the same trees, the same bricks, the same artillery shells and the same gravestones are still there, then 150 years of time seems less distant. We can engage people in a more direct, interesting and tangible way, compared to simple, instructive websites.”