A nine-acre property including the Josiah Benner farmhouse that survived the Civil War has been added to the official inventory of the Gettysburg National Military Park. Ten years ago, the National Park Service acquired a three-acre parcel next door that has the barn that had belonged to Benner. At the time, the property with the barn had been separated from the parcel with the house.

The acquisition was made with the help of the Civil War Trust, a spokeswoman said.

The two-story brick farmhouse predates the 1863 battle at Gettysburg and was directly in the path of advancing Confederate forces on July 1. The building was used for cover by both sides during various parts of the battle that day. At the end of the day, the house and the barn became a field hospital for the Confederates.

Gaining possession of properties such as the Brenner house is a long term goal of the Gettysburg park. According to a spokeswoman, there are more than 900 privately owned acres within the boundaries of the battlefield. Those parcels range in size from 75 acres to smaller residential properties.