A letter written by Abraham Lincoln in 1847 and believed to have been lost forever has recently surfaced and will go on sale Tuesday for $80,000.

In the letter, Lincoln was responding to a request from other Whigs that he support a certain candidate for an open and highly prized position of Post Master. He advises the writers to hold a bipartisan meeting with Democrats to jointly select a candidate and to avoid “cliqueism or cheatery.”

At the time, Lincoln had just finished his one term in the House of Representatives, and as an active member of the Whig party was in a position to influence political appointments.

The one-page letter, written on April 21, 1847 from Springfield, will be put on sale by the Raab Collection of Philadelphia. It had been in the hands of the same family for generations, according to a Raab spokesman, who said he had no more details of its history than that.