An estimated 350 Confederate veterans are buried in Nebraska, including eight in Fremont’s Ridge Cemetery. Until recently, any ceremonies concerning Confederate veterans were conducted by the Sons of Union Veterans because there was no Sons of Confederate Veterans camp in the state.

Now there is.

On this past Sunday, the Thomas C. Sexton Camp 2232 of the Sons of Confederate Veterans was officially recognized with a ceremony at Sexton’s grave in Ridge Cemetery. Also attending the ceremony were members of the Sons of Union Veterans as well as re-enactors.

Pvt. Sexton served with Co. C, 4th Virginia Infantry and was injured during the Battle of Chancellorsville. A surgeon told him he would have to have a leg amputated or face dying. Family lore says he refused the operation, telling the surgeon he’d rather die than lose a leg. Sexton got a medical degree following the war and was 100 years old when he died in Fremont in 1843.