(Courtesy Shenandoah Valley Battlefields Foundation)

The changes for the foundation, along with what is now the Civil War Trust and the Virginia Museum of the Civil War, come as sesquicentennial celebrations have increased interest in Civil War tourism and accompanying battlefield preservation.

The Foundation’s original logo was a bland, non-controversial image of a faceless soldier who looked more like a young farmer, framed with the words, “Shenandoah at War” and “National Historic District.” The new logo shows a standing soldier, leaning on his rifle, with the winding Shenandoah River and a backdrop of several mountains at his feet. His face is better delineated. To the right are four large stars representing each year of the war. The logo has the same wording as the original.

“Our board was enthusiastic about the new logo and believes it is more representative of our role in protecting the Civil War legacy of the Shenandoah Valley,” said board chairman Nicholas P. Picerno.

When the first logo was adopted, the foundation was called a commission and was financed by federal money. Now there is a much smaller contribution from Congress and the foundation is turning to regional partners and individuals to raise funds.