The Civil War Trust, which has already saved more than 36,000 acres of battlefield land in 20 states, has begun a new campaign to add 608 acres in Tennessee to that tally. In an appeal sent out this week by Trust president Jim Lighthizer, the land targeted this time is on the Chattanooga and Rappahannock Station battlefields where fighting took place 150 years ago this month.

According to Lighthizer, both battlefields are endangered by possible development for residential or commercial use. At Chattanooga, he said the concern is the land the Trust wants to purchase has already been subdivided and platted for houses, and the parcel at Rappahannock Station is threatened by possible residential and mixed-use development.

Although the two battlefields are separated by 526 miles and 16 days on the calendar, Lighthizer said they are forever linked by the consecration of that land by those who fought and fell there. The casualties of the two battles stand at more than 15,000 men.

The Trust often has access to matching grants to offset the cost. In this campaign, according to the Trust, there is a $36 to $1 match for all donations, or the opportunity to save an acre of land for a donation of $254.