The remains of two Indiana brothers who served in the Union army will be laid to rest in a joint full honors committal ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery at 9 a.m. Thursday.

The men each died more than a century ago, but their cremated remains had remained at an Indianapolis funeral home because no one had claimed them.

 Zuinglius K. McCormack and Sgt. Lycurgus McCormack, the younger brother, served in Indiana units. According to government records, Zuinglius, who was born in 1843, served during 1864 with the 132nd Infantry Regiment and saw action with Maj. Gen. William Sherman’s army at Jonesboro and Kennesaw Mountain in Georgia. He died in 1912.

Lycurgus McCormack was born in 1845 and served in 1863 with the 103rd Infantry regiment. He died in 1908.

The Missing in America Project has led a campaign to find unclaimed, cremated remains of American veterans and arrange for a proper burial, as has been done for the McCormack brothers. So far, the group has seen to the burial of more than 1,800 service men and women representing several wars.

Anyone who would like to attend the service may do so, but should arrive at the administration office by 8:30 a.m., according to cemetery officials.