(Timothy R. Smith)

The Virginia cavalry regiment I embedded with is bringing up the rear for the Confederates and Maj Steven “Wardawg” Dunn is leading chants of “Virginia!” while raising his saber. The band is playing Dixie, of course.

The spectators are crowding the shaded sidewalks.

Now here come the Federals, their muskets are long and gleaming in the sun. They are wearing blue coats and white trousers. And here is a Zouave in a bright red tasseled hat.

Lincoln (and Mary Todd) just ride through in a carriage.

The illustrious aeronaut Thaddeus Lowe can be seen with his blue wagon of hydrogen gas.

And finally, a view of Federal horse-drawn artillery.

The indications of a good fight are strong, judging from the sharpness of the soldiers.