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Week one: Showdown in Charleston

Week two: S.C. teeters on the brink of secession

Week three: S.C. secedes

Week four: Anderson moves men to Ft. Sumter

Week five: Gov. Pickens forbids reinforcements to Fort Sumter

Week six: Mississippi, Florida and Alabama secede from the Union

Week seven: Lt. Slemmer refuses demands to surrender Fort Pickens

Week eight: Louisiana becomes the sixth state to secede

Week nine: Peace Conference opens in D.C.

Week ten: Jefferson Davis is elected C.S.A president

Week eleven: Confederate Congress assumes control of Southern troops in Charleston Harbor

Week twelve: Assassination conspiracy against Lincoln is discovered

Week thirteen: Lincoln is inaugurated

Week fourteen: Rumors of an invasion circulate in Charleston and Montgomery

Week fifteen: Lincoln looks into reinforcing Ft. Sumter

Week sixteen : Confederate forces build up armaments and begin recruiting in Baltimore

Week seventeen : Lincoln order Ft. Sumter to be reinforced.

Week nineteen : Confederate guns fire on Ft. Sumter

Week twenty : Riots break out in Baltimore

Week twenty-one : Washington is secured

Week twenty-two: Lincoln expands the naval blockade

Week twenty-three: Confederates buildup in Northern Virginia

Week twenty-four: Union forces occupy Alexandria

Week twenty-five: The Merrimack is rasied.

Week twenty-six: Beauregard takes command at Manassas

Week twenty-seven: Western Virginia begins secession from Virginia.