The week past, we told you about plans for a $1.9 million visitors center at Oklahoma's Honey Springs battlefield, events in North Carolina canceled because of Hurricane Irene and a decision by the Cherokee nation Supreme Court upholding new membership requirements that has led to the ouster of descendants of slaves who were one time welcomed as members.

There were also stories about the possibility that the Cyclorama building at Gettysburg National Military Park will be moved to a another location and the newest United States Mint commemorative quarters Mint honoring Vicksburg National Military Park.

Planning ahead: Sept. 13 to 18. SmithsonianJourneys is offering a six-day tour "Journey Through Hallowed Ground" following the Old Carolina Road from Charlottesville, Va. to Gettysburg, Pa. with tour leader A. Wilson Greene, executive director of Pamplin Historical Park. The cost of the tour is $2,395 and includes all meals and accommodations.

After the jump, Civil War reads from elsewhere around the web, including the tale of Confederate POW camp.

Must reads from other publications:

The New York Times Disunion series continues with an account of the little-known Battle of Cape Hatteras on Aug. 28, 1861 that was big news at the time because it was a Union victory following the loss at Manassas.

The Record Herald of Washington Court House, Ohio, has an interesting account of a local Ohio man, Isaac Newton Rowe, who spent eight months in Confederate POW camps but was left to die with others who were too sick to walk away to the safety of the Union line near Goldsboro.

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