Chinese activist activist Chen Guangcheng is seen in a wheelchair pushed by a nurse at the Chaoyang hospital in Beijing. (JORDAN POUILLE/AFP/GETTY IMAGES)

Beijing calling — Chinese dissident Chen a fan of the Washington Post. So we learn in this fascinating first-person account by our colleague Keith Richberg about how he confirmed the whereabouts of the famed activist.

Ryan Gosling, meet Paul RyanOur colleague Ed O’Keefe chats with the creator of that Tumblr site, “Hey Girl, It’s Paul Ryan.” Sample captions on pictures of the Wisconsin Republican “Hey girl, That actually IS a zero-baseline budgetary in my pocket. But I AM happy to see you.”

Meanwhile, The Fix is out to find other political-minded Tumblrs.

Revolving door — It’s ugly out there. Richard Grenell, the openly gay Romney advisor is stepping down, telling our colleagues Nia-Malika Henderson and Rachel Weiner that he was hampered by “hyper-partisan discussion of personal issues that sometimes comes from a presidential campaign.”

And that coming from a professional political fighter.

Stating the Obvious — The first line in this AP story about the mysterious death of a British codebreaker seems practically Onion-esque to us: “A coroner says a British spy whose naked body was found inside a locked sports bag was likely killed in a criminal act.”

Ya think?