What’s the Loop reading Friday morning?

The late magician Dick Christian might have been proud of NOAA. (Family photo)

Hey, at least the federal government is doing its part to stimulate jobs...for performers. The birthday-party/bar mitzvah circuit can be brutal.

Easy target — Author Christopher Buckley (of “Thank You for Smoking” fame) is satirizing lobbyists again. In his new book, “They Eat Puppies, Don’t They?”, there’s a think tank called the “Institute for Continuing Conflict,” a manufactured Chinese threat, and a defense lobbyist at the center of it all, according to the review by Jess Walter.

Funny feds? — They give commencement speeches all the time, but we’re not surprised that no lawmakers or other government types made our colleague Valerie Strauss’s list of funniest moments from graduation addresses. Instead, celebs like Amy Poehler and Jon Stewart score comedy points.