Why is Virgil Goode (R-Va.) running for president? Don’t ask his friends. (Don Petersen/FOR THE WASHINGTON POST)

Belly of the beast — Two extra paychecks mistakenly delivered to a FAA employee have created a three-years-long paperwork hassle for the poor guy, who, as our colleague Lisa Rein reports, was “swallowed by the maw of federal bureaucracy.”

Goode intentions — Even Virgil Goode’s wife didn’t want him to launch his quixotic presidential bid. But the former Virginia Republican congressman is doing it anyway, running as the Constitution Party candidate, and making things difficult in the Old Dominion for Mitt Romney. In fact, none of his pals really gets it. “Few people close to Goode understand why he is doing this. His wife, Lucy, didn’t exactly discourage him from running, ‘but she didn’t encourage me either,’ Goode says.”

Let Ryan be Ryan? — The finger-pointing over the trouble in the Romney campaign continues. This strain of discontent has critics complaining that Veep candidate Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wisc.) isn’t being used effectively. Interesting: in his some six weeks on the ticket “Ryan has not held a formal media availability” with his traveling press corps.