President Obama’s donors have found jobs in his administration. (SAUL LOEB/AFP/GETTY IMAGES)

A new super PAC might have the effect of giving both Republicans and Democrats common cause--it’s targeting incumbents of every political stripe, reports our colleague Paul Kane.

Elsewhere, President Obama says he’s focused on jobs--and he’s certainly found employment for some of his biggest fundraisers. Our colleague T.W. Farnam reports that more than half of the President’s 47 biggest fundraisers have been given administration jobs. Ambassadorships, such as those to Finland, Australia, Portugal and Luxembourg, are among the posts filled by Obama’s moneymen (and women).

Obama’s about to release a new 17-minute mini-documentary about his first three years in office, and he’s snagged an impressive actor for the narration. Yup, that’s Tom Hanks, certifiable A-lister and aside from Morgan Freeman, owner of probably the most recognizable set of pipes around.

And Hank Steuver’s assessment of HBO’s “Game Change,” which follows the dramas of the 2008 presidential campaign: “basically porn” for policy wonks.