Slow transition — Parsing Attorney General Eric Holder’s latest statement about his future plans. He’s “undecided.” Also, note that Obama officials say personnel changes in the second administration will be “slower” than those in George W. Bush’s second term, when six Cabinet officials announced departures in the early weeks.

A new ‘stache wager — Obama advisor David Axelrod dodged a bullet when he won a bet in which he promised to shave his moustache if his boss lost key states. Now, he says he’ll break out the razor if he raises $1 million for epilepsy.

Meet the frosh — And the Reliable Source surveys the incoming freshman class in Congress for interesting characters.

History repeats — The new Lincoln movie plays as an “uncannily timely portrait of power, persuasion and partisan strife as they play out today — especially as President Obama heads into his own second term with another unruly Congress to contend with.”