It’s like a congressional version of one of those games from Highlights magazine:can you spot the three Charlies in this picture?

Source: Rangel for Congress

Here’s the beaming-family photo that Rep. Charlie Rangel sent out this year, along with his holiday greetings. In it, there’s the New York Democrat himself, natch, plus the picture behind him--that’s the official portrait hanging in the Capitol’s Ways and Means Committee Room. The third Charlie is the little guy on the far right in the natty vest--he’s the congressman’s grandson.

In an e-mail, Rangel noted that three generations of his family had gathered for the portrait unveiling in September (a far happier time than less than a year before that, when Rangel was censured by the House for ethics woes). “My family and I hope you and your family enjoy the magic of the holiday season and wish you a happy and healthy New Year.”

For somewhat inexplicable reasons, it might just be our favorite congressional holiday card of the year (including yours, Rep.Sanchez!)