Former General Services Administration administrator Martha N. Johnson, who resigned after reports of misuse of funds at a Las Vegan training conference (Brendan Smialowski/Getty Images)

“From now until the end of this fiscal year,” acting administrator Dan Tangherlini said in an “all employees” memo e-mailed to employees Monday afternoon, “all travel for internal GSA meetings, training, conferences, seminars, leadership or management events, etc., whether paid for by the government or another entity is suspended” unless management deems it “essential.”

Tangherlini said that travel to “routine management meetings” will be allowed “after other options such as video teleconferencing are considered” and “may occur” if he or the deputy administrator approve.

Some conferences “may be permitted to go forward after an approved business justification and conference budget,” the e-mail said, but only with the prior approval of several top officials, including GSA’s chief financial officer.