Marc Grossman (Jens Dresling/AP)

Grossman, a career diplomat, former ambassador to Turkey and undersecretary of state for political affairs, returned to Foggy Bottom to take the AfPak job 22 months ago, shortly after diplomat Richard Holbrooke’s death in December 2010.

Grossman’s departure, and the earlier departures of some of the initial team’s superstars, such as Vali Nasr and Rina Amiri, doesn’t mean the interagency team is disappearing, we were told.

Grossman’s deputy, David Pearce, a former ambassador to Algeria who spent a year in Afghanistan as deputy to former ambassador Ryan Crocker, has taken over as acting special rep.

We’re hearing that secretary-designate Sen. John Kerry is likely to keep the special rep position going until the transition in Afghanistan in December 2014.