Victorinox AG 16gb Swiss Army Knives (Daniel Acker/BLOOMBERG)

Pocket-knife owner alert! The Transportation Security Administration, as we’ve written, was preparing to lift a ban on small pocket knives on airlines — until the flight attendants, air marshals and others revolted.

So now airport screeners are back once more looking for sharp objects that passengers may want to carry on board.

A Loop Pal, going through a security checkpoint at LaGuardia Airport in New York last week, had a small Swiss Army knife in her carry-on bag.

It was a knife she’d taken for about 15 years on well over 100 flights without incident — even though it was probably prohibited. The knife, which she estimated was not more than a couple inches long overall, had a small blade, a little scissors, tweezers, a toothpick and a nail file.

She told the screener she’d been taking the knife on flights for years, but the screener politely said that didn’t matter. So no knife.

As our source left for the boarding gates, she saw her screener and a second screener exchanging “high fives,” with the second agent saying, “Good job.”

While there’s been some publicity of late over knives and such on planes, there’s no new policy or any official mandate to be extra-vigilant. Most likely our pal’s luck simply ran out.