An ambassadorship in Spain could make for a little summer excitement. (Ivan Aguinaga/AP)

Word is the White House is looking to soon announce at least the first wave of its 50 or so ambassadorial nominees.

Many high-rolling Obama contributors have been jockeying for these plum jobs since the day after the election — some, no doubt, well before that.

Might be a good idea to move with some dispatch, since the current crop, sticking around till summer per instructions of former secretary of state Hillary Clinton, is starting to trickle back home. And it’s unclear how many the Senate will be able to confirm before fall.

Chatter has it that the embassy in Madrid — and a chance to finally run with the bulls in Pamplona! (caution: the bulls run a lot faster than you’d think) — looks to be going to HBO executive James Costos, who, with his partner, famed interior decorator Michael Smith, raised millions for the reelect.

San Francisco philanthropist Azita Raji, who reportedly raised more than $3 million in contributions in 2011-2012 and was said to have been eyeing Italy — wasn’t everyone? — looks to be headed to neighboring Switzerland, which is none-too-shabby and a short hop to the Villa d’Este on Lake Como.

We’re also hearing that Tim Gill, a Colorado software entrepreneur, philanthropist and gay rights activist, is in the hunt for an embassy but unclear if the White House is offering.

Television producer Colleen Bell (“The Bold and The Beautiful”) is in line for a posting, perhaps Belgium or Hungary, according to the Hollywood Reporter, which, given the large number of Obama mega-donors from out there, is keeping a sharp eye on the situation.