Anna Wintour with Shelby Bryan at a state dinner. (Brendan Hoffman/GETTY IMAGES)

Here’s what the Loop is reading today:

Ah, no thanks — Here’s one presidential appointment almost no one is jumping at: sitting on that health-care panel on doctor fees and reducing costs. It comes with low pay, plus the risk of political fallout — oh, and you’ll have to go through Senate confirmation, too.

Sen. Frank? — News flash! Rep. Barney Frank is going to be a senator! The Massachusetts Democrat has been campaigning for a temporary Senate seat, and he’s got one — well, at least he’s playing a senator, for one night only, in a theater production in New York.

Taxing issues — Wonder if this hurts her chances of getting that ambassadorship: Vogue editor Anna Wintour’s longtime boyfriend has a tax problem. Seems Shelby Bryan owes the feds more than a million bucks...

Kerry advancing — Today’s the day for the Senate Foreign Relations committee’s vote on Sen. John Kerry’s nomination to be Secretary of State.