Upon entering a soiree, veterans of the Washington party circuit typically identify key logistics: location of the bar, the most important person in the room, and the exits (so that they can make a swift and surreptitious getaway).

But sneaking out early won’t be an option for a novel fundraiser for Rep. Andy Harris being held next month. The Maryland Republican will be heading for the open waters with donors during an “afternoon cruise” on the Potomac. And in what is surely a relief to would-be attendees, the event only lasts two hours—promising a “three hour tour” would surely dampen RSVPs for all but the most ardent “Gilligan’s Island” fans.

Still, the idea of being confined to a small craft (it’s being held on a 55-person capacity boat called “Finished Business”) with no hope for escape might be enough to make a free-range lobbyist break out in hives. And think of all the potential for disaster that so often befalls seafaring travelers: Norwalk viruses, rouge waves, icebergs, etc...

Admission to the event, which is being sponsored by the National Marine Manufacturers’ Boat PAC, might leave you all wet. It’s $2,500 to be named a co-captain; $1,000 for a PAC; and $250 for an individual.

Lifejackets included.