Conference concern — The scandal over the GSA’s lavish conference in Las Vegas continues to ruin the fun for everyone. In the wake of GSA’s controversy, whistleblowers came forward to point out problems at the Department of Veterans Affairs, which “spent $5 million—and set aside $4 million more — last year for two training conferences whose organizers are under investigation for breaking ethics rules by improperly accepting gifts.”

Put it in the suggestion box — That GOP vice-presidential candidate Paul Ryan sure is a powerhouse of ideas. He’s got a budget and a tax plan... and now he’s got a suggestion for the folks at the Iowa State Fair. The Wisconsin Republican helpfully suggested that they introduce Wristband Day, just like the Wisconsin fair. Iowans no doubt are grateful for the input.

All in moderation — Marking the first time in 20 years a woman has moderated a presidential debate, CNN’s Candy Crowley will referee, er, moderate, one of the three face-offs between President Obama and GOP candidate Mitt Romney. ABC’s Martha Raddatz will helm the lone vice-presidential debate between Vice President Biden and Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.).