Not dead yet?

Seemed on Monday night that Mari Carmen Aponte’s tenure as ambassador to El Salvador was about to expire. The administration and Senate Democrats fell 10 votes short of what they needed to break a GOP filibuster of her nomination. (Aponte had been serving in San Salvador since September as a recess appointee, which she can do until the end of the year.)

But apparently the State Department and Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.), whose support is critical to get enough Republican votes to break the filibuster, were in intense and fluid negotiations on an agreement addressing Rubio’s concerns that Washington adopt a more forceful line toward Nicaragua and Cuba.

U.S. Ambassador to El Salvador Mari Carmen Aponte (Luis Romero/AP)

Rubio told GOP colleagues at lunch Thursday that if that agreement is reached, he would be prepared to vote to break the filibuster on Aponte and lift the holds he had placed on the nominations of Roberta S. Jacobson to be assistant secretary for Western Hemisphere Affairs and Adam E. Namm to be ambassador to Ecuador.

We’re hearing that if it turns out that Rubio gets sufficient votes to break the filibuster, a Senate vote would be rescheduled on Aponte’s nomination.

Stay tuned.