Afghan women clad in blue burqas. (Danish Siddiqui/Reuters)

There’s obviously a concern that not enough security folks will be adequately trained by the time U.S. and allied forces withdraw. But maybe they’ll at least look snappy.

Our colleague Walter Pincus spotted an Army solicitation posted June 1 for some Afghan police and army uniforms and women’s clothing in a variety of sizes and colors — including 100 women’s burqas that “cover all, including the eyes” in a number of colors, including “hot pink,” purple and gold as well as 100 head scarves.

The clothing, to be delivered to Fort Drum, N.Y., by June 20, lists 200 “Afghan National Police Uniforms” including jackets, trousers and hats, with appropriate hat insignias and jacket insignias that have the Afghan flag on the right sleeve and the police emblem on the left.

The solicitation includes 200 “New Afghanistan National Army” uniforms with appropriate insignias and 300 turbans in assorted colors: green, grey, white, black, tan and brown.

And there are also 250 “Afghan Style Payraan Tumbaan,” or shirts and slacks, with cloth belts “that will adjust the pants to the desired waist size,’ along with 250 maroon berets.

Hot pink burqas? To drive the Taliban wild?