Education Secretary Arne Duncan, addressing the Democratic National Convention, will stick around. (J. Scott Applewhite/AP)

He’s all in — For those keeping a scorebox on which Cabinet secretaries plan to stick around and which are outta here in a potential second Obama term, Education Secretary Arne Duncan is staying in the picture.

Working green — Stop them if you’ve heard this before... The one-liners and jokes on the presidential campaign trail are feeling a little shopworn, with the candidates and spouses often recycling their best bits....over and over again.

Robbing Peter? — If the government is serious about catching tax laggards, it might want to look inside its own house first. Agencies owe the tax man millions in back taxes, an audit finds.

A congregation awaits — An interesting piece about the Mormon community in Washington. If Mitt Romney were to join the “ward” closest to 1600 Pennsylvania, he’d find himself among plenty of Democrats.