Oh, hello, dinner. (Julia Schmalz/BLOOMBERG)

Typically, embassy soirees are a chance to sample the fine cuisines of the host countries. Fine wines at the French; the very freshest sushi at Japan’s...

So forgive us if an upcoming event at the Dutch embassy strikes us as a little unappetizing. On the menu? No artisanal edam or herring, but rather crickets, mealworms and cicadas.

The Netherlands Embassy is holding a tasting and discussion of insects as food source. They’re environmentally friendly and nutritious, advocates say. But delicious? Ask the Dutch. Headlining the June 26 event is Marcel Dicke, the head of the Department of the Laboratory of Entomology at Wageningen University in the Netherlands and co-author of the Dutch-language “Het Insectenkookboek,” which translates to “The Insect Cookbook.”

(Don’t fret, an English version is scheduled to be released in the United States this fall.)

Dicke will be joined by several local experts on the topic for a discussion, then a tasting.

Cricket canapes? Now there’s a Dutch treat.