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The entries are pouring in to the Loop’s contest to figure out what in the heck the United States should do with that massive embassy complex sitting in Baghdad, now that we’re... ahem, scaling back there.

Your thoughts for what to do with the sprawling, 104-acre property located on the scenic banks of the Tigris River, have included plenty of creative ideas, from museums to luxury hotels (paging Donald Trump) to...a car dealership.

Lots of you think we should just sell the place — maybe not a bad idea if we could turn a neat profit.

Great ideas, all. Keep ‘em coming!

Just remember, this is a two-part contest: Tell us what you’d call the place and what its function should be (some entries that could-a been contenders will be disqualified because they’re missing a part, alas).

And don’t wait for your chance to win a totally coveted, collectors’ item Loop T-shirt — submit now. The deadline is midnight on Friday, Feb. 17.

Our crack team of judges is looking forward to hearing your ideas.