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Tomato, to-mah-to — One man’s “vampire” is another’s “job creator.” Our colleagues David A. Fahrenthold and Tom Hamburger take a look at how both Republicans and Democrats are talking about private equity firms, a la Bain Capital.

Anatomy of a scandal — This nifty timeline illustrates the events of Secret Service prostitution scandal--just as the head of the agency is set to testify today on Capitol Hill.

Just your type — There’s Gipper worship, and then there’s just plain creepy. We’ll put this story in the latter category: an online auction site is selling a vial of blood purportedly from the late former President Ronald Reagan.

Taste of K Street — Lobbyist John Scofield is keeping things spicy. The former longtime Hill staffer is one of three winners of the Post Food section’s barbecue-sauce contest.