Barney Frank is marking a quarter-century of being out of the closet — with a fundraiser. (Jay Mallin/Bloomberg)

“Barney is an inspiration to all of us as one of the first openly gay Congressmen to serve in the House,” wrote Rep. Jared Polis (D-Colo.), who is also gay, in an e-mail invitation. “This event will be particularly moving for me as it will be one of our last events with him before he retires this year.”

Frank, who is retiring after 16 terms, came out in 1987 after serving in the House for six years. He recalled to the Boston Globe that he did so in a Globe story that appeared on Memorial Day of that year. “While I did it primarily for myself, I also wanted to make a point that this was me, this was a part of me, and this was not going to be used to hurt me,’’ he said.

And for the DCCC’s party, bringing your dancing might not be enough — tickets to the rooftop party at Mexican restaurant El Centro D.F. start at $100, and go up to $5,000 for host-level billing.

After all, if Frank can come out — so can the checkbooks.