We wonder whether former representative Anthony Weiner would find any consolation in the fact that even though his political career’s toast, he’s still a winner ... of the Loop’s title of biggest political scandal of 2011.

We asked Loop readers to pick the year’s worst headline-making naughtiness, and they voted for the New York Democrat’s Twit-pic controversy over a slate of others. Coming in second was the allegations of sexual harassment and an affair against former GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain.

The rest of the results are below. We’re not sure what to make of the fact that Loopers think that Weiner’s sexless sex scandal (which some thought he could have weathered if he’d handled it better) was worse than the allegations of sexual assault on a teenage girl by former representative David Wu (D-Ore.) — that scandal came in last place.

But it probably comes down to simple notoriety: Weiner’s controversial pics were shared on Twitter, which is a new frontier for political scandals. And then there’s his unfortunate, made-for-tabloid-headlines name — and the fact that those pictures will live on in Internet eternity.

So let’s take a moment and thank good old 2011 for bringing us such a rich array of poorly behaving pols. Here’s the Loop’s wish for 2012: May they never learn their lessons (hey, we need fodder!).