This courtroom sketch shows former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich at his sentencing hearing. (Tom Gianni/Associated Press)

Speaking of the thick-maned, Senate-seat-bartering former Illinois governor, this story contained a curious detail about his dramatic sentencing hearing in Chicago.

Apparently, Blago is uncharacteristically uneasy. “He pulled nervously at his fingers as attorneys spoke, pausing occasionally to sip on a plastic bottle of Cherry Coke,” the Associated Press reports.

Elsewhere, here’s a hint to would-be hoaxers: if you want people to believe your fake press release is real, don’t misspell the name of the person you’re impersonating.

And the battle of the bands commences. Mitt Romney’s campaign has selected Kid Rock’s “Born Free” as his official campaign song. We’ll keep an ear open for other candidates’ musical selections.